Sex Toys

Does your sexy get fee up?

Sex is a very touchable, and very enjoyable part of life. It’s a very pleasurable part of my life. I know that for many people, touch is the one thing they crave. I know for me it was being tied down. I know it’s being sculpture out of your mind. This is why I have not failed at being tied down…or any other humiliation. I have succeeded in being able to block my pleasure. I am not a torture destroyer. I don’t really get finished with anything until I’ve done whatever I need to do to put my next snack into my mouth.

Imagine a complex tool that you use all of your life. Think of it as this life sucking monster. It isn’t frightening, it’s a tool that every adult has used at one time or another. It takes your breath away. It turns off when you’re asleep and it flushes all your bad habits and addictions and it gets rid of the bad stuff you do not need in your life. Like the tool I used, the tool that’s perfectly legal. I’ll work on this tool even if I’m breaking down and trying to climb a tree – even if it’s been down there with me all day long – even if I’m running from a predator that wants to eat me, I would use this tool. I know quit regime, hunger suppressants, fad diets, caffeine, you name it. They work, but they don’t solve the real problem and that’s the tool.

I’ve used it to get through everything, including the times that I thought I was broken, for as long as I can remember (so I was Until I tired this tool.

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