Best Locations for Sex

Are you ready to start an intimate relationship? Are you tired of trying to get that special someone to have sex with you? Are you wanting to know how to make your lover go for more than just oral pleasure? Then, here are the top five places to have sex in your new relationship.

Five Places to Have Sex in Your New Relationship

First of all, make sure that you are comfortable being naked on your bed. Many couples find that the mere act of being naked makes their partner uncomfortable. If you want to have sex, it is time to put the clothes away and take a bath.

Next, find a place to take a bath and then lie down on your bed. Make sure that you have plenty of pillows and a comfy bed because there is nothing more embarrassing than sitting on your bed wearing your pajamas.

Once you are comfortable, start off by kissing your partner and then using your hands to stroke her body while kissing her neck. This is an important step because you want to show her that you are trying to please her and you want her to feel like she is doing something for you.

Now that you are inside her, it is time to put your finger in her. While doing this, make sure that you tell her what she likes. You will be doing this often if you want to get the most out of this sexual activity.

Another way to satisfy your partner is to take her virginity. Do not be afraid to do this. You can kiss her as you penetrate her and the fact that you are becoming more intimate with each day is going to help you when you decide to give her what she wants.

When you first penetrate her, try to take your finger in her at the same time you penetrate her. This will cause friction and she will be very happy to have you near her.

The easiest places to have sex are outdoors. You can go out to the pool or a large field or even take a nice drive. Once you are inside her, you need to keep going, because after you have had sex, she may never want to see you again.

No matter where you have sex, it is important that you only use condoms to prevent a huge blowout. However, if you are not comfortable with condoms then you can always ask your partner to use one.

You can also use some lubricant on the condom to make it easier for your partner to have an orgasm. Just make sure that you use enough so that the lubricant will work with your partner’s body chemistry and she won’t feel self-conscious about using the lube.

These are the right places to have sex if you want to get more out of your intimate moments. If you want to have the best sex of your life, the best place to start is with your partner’s body.

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